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Light Family Road Trip Part III: Chincoteague Island and Summersville Lake

This is the third and final post documenting the Light family road trip a couple weeks back.

Originally I had planned on writing this post while away in Cabo immediately after we arrived in Ohio. How adorably naive I was to think I’d be tapping away on my computer in this place…

We were there celebrating our beautiful friend Landyn’s 40th birthday and as you can imagine, blogging simply wasn’t an option. #caboOMG

Once we returned from Cabo, Camp Vohokase was already underway (plenty more on that to come), so this post was put on the back burner again.

But, as promised, I am finally sitting down to share the details of the last two stops on our yearly journey from Massachusetts to our farm in Ohio.

Monday, June 26 – Thursday, June 29

Chincoteague Island, VA 

Since we were going to be landlocked for the next six weeks, we decided to hit the beach for a few days before heading west.

We choose Chincoteague KOA because it was within reasonable distance from D.C., was minutes from the water, and could accommodate our long rig.

The drive from Cherry Hill Park  to Chincoteague Island was about 3.5 hours. When we arrived the kids were eager to explore and get to work recruiting members for their new campground bicycle gang.

We were lucky enough to score a site with a paved patio and this adorable table and chairs set!

The pool was great and all the buildings were island themed, which was so different from any other park we’ve ever stayed at before.

This giant inflatable bouncy blob was where the boys spent 90% of their time. Not gonna lie, I kinda want one of these suckers for the farm.

As seen in Part II of the road trip series, a decent laundry facility is a must when traveling with four kids. Clearly I was pretty pumped when I found out this place had three of these laundry/bath house buildings.

 Assateague National Seashore

Just a few minute’s drive from the campground are the beautiful beaches of Assateague Island.

These waves were perfect for boogie boarding!

Remember this round beach blanket I featured in my Summer All-Star post? Well, it’s true what they say… sand does not stick to them!

The breezy ocean air was perfect for Matt and Annie to try out their new kite! She asked to fly that sucker about three dozen times that day…. and lost interest about thirty seconds after it touched the sky. God bless four year olds.

 Dining On Chincoteague 

One of my favorite parts of our stay at the beach were the adorable food truck style restaurants lining the road just outside of our campground.

This here roasted cauliflower taco was the single greatest thing I ate the entire trip! If you ever make it down to Chincoteage, do yourself a favor and stop to grab a bite from Pico Taqueria.

Matt’s favorite spot was The Farmer’s Daughter. Their dishes are creative, fresh, loaded with local ingredients.

I should mention that for whatever reason, these spots didn’t sell beer or wine. However, we learned from this sweet couple that you could bring your own… they even shared a couple from their stash!

Thanks guys!!

 Thursday, June 29 – Saturday, July 1 

After a wonderful three days on the coast, we were packed up again and headed west towards our final destination before reaching Ohio; Summersville Lake, West Virginia.

…but first, spelunking! 

On our way to the lake we made a pit-stop at the Organ Cave in Greenbriar, WV.

Organ Cave is a great little family owned and run cave system located a few miles south of I-64. They offer walking tours and a three hour long adventure tour. Can you guess which one the Light family picked?

That’s right… the adventure tour. Well, actually, I hung back with Annie while the more adventurous Lights enjoyed an afternoon of spelunking. From the looks of them, it was quite the excursion!

 Summersville Lake, WV

Our stay at Summersville Lake was short and sweet. Our main goal there was to get in a day of boating, and soak in the last few hours together before we pulled onto the farm and began preparing for the craziness that would be Camp Vohokase.

We were able to rent a boat right at our campground, Summersville Lake Retreat. Good thing we brought along my awesome, versatile mom-mobile to tow it to the boat ramp.

Formed by a local dam constructed in the 1960’s, Summersville Lake is the largest in the state of West Virginia and is absolutely breathtaking!

Fun Fact: Traditionally, dams are named after the town nearest to them (unless named after a person). The town nearest the Summersville Dam is actually Gad, WV.

Obviously the “Gad Dam” wasn’t very popular, so it was officially named after the next nearest town, Summersville.

The kids loved climbing on and jumping off the rocks lining the lake’s winding shores. I’m pretty sure my voice could be heard in all directions yelling at the kids (and Matt) to be careful.

Many naps were taken by my little adventure seekers that day.

I didn’t get any great shots of our campground but it was actually right at the base of that lighthouse!

 A proper ending…

After a solid 8 hours on the water, we had the brilliant idea to release two Chinese lanterns over the lake.

Ok, so we actually saw someone else in the campground doing it and remembered we had some stuffed away beneath the RV somewhere.


It was such a cool and memorable way to end the trip… even if someone else thought of it first.

 Saturday, July 1

By late afternoon we were pulling down the lane to our farm, Chenoweth Trails, in Darke County, Ohio. Although exhausted, we all agreed the Light Family road trip had been one our most memorable vacations yet. Can’t wait to do it again next summer!

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