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Moving the Light House: New England Bound

I’m writing this post while sitting beside Matt on our journey back to Massachusetts. As we hit the open road I’m feeling so thankful that God has blessed us with the ability to be with family and friends every summer. Farm life allows our children the opportunity to learn and experience things they otherwise couldn’t back in suburbia. But now the Light House is packed up and New England bound!

I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to get a post ready this week in the midst of packing and saying our goodbyes. However, the 14 hour drive from Greenville to Foxboro is providing just that, time. So, I decided to share some of the things we’ve been doing since Camp Vohokase ended a few weeks ago.

Matt’s Big Barn Tear Down


Matt has been tearing down barns for years to use on various projects around the farm. He sees the secret beauty and history hidden in every old barn, and loves to give them new life. This particular score is over a century old and it’s beams and boards will help build our “someday” house.


20160731_130206 (1)

Will loves to be on the job site with Matt and his crew. Here he is repairing broken slate roofing tiles. I love that one day he will come back and remember what it felt like to have such an important job in the building of our home there.

Back Home Again in Indiana

I grew up 4 hours away from Greenville in Hammond, IN. On the drive over I love to swing through West Lafayette to show the kids where their daddy and I met. This time while grabbing some Purdue swag at Follett bookstore, my son pointed behind me and yelled, “Mom, look! Rob Ninkovich”. kids at purdue

“Good eye son! Why don’t you kids get together for a picture under Rob’s jersey… Oh, and make sure you can see Daddy’s in there too.”

By the way, doesn’t “The Boilermaker State” just roll off the tongue? Just sayin.

When I go back to Indiana I love staying with my sweet and insanely adorable grandmother. This time around I took the opportunity to snap some shots of grandma in the kitchen for some recipe posts this fall. Can’t wait to share them!


The 5th Annual Gauntlet Trail Run

Our kids look forward to the Light Foundation’s 5K charity mud run all summer! This year over 450 runners came out to Chenoweth Trails to conquer The Gauntlet. The course had 25 obstacles and plenty of mud. After the race, runners and spectators were invited to stay for bouncy houses, BBQ, beer, and a live band. The day was a blast and a total success for the Light Foundation!

Gauntlet Trail run

The youngsters line up for the 1 mile kids race.

Gauntlet Finish Line

We can always count on “the moms” to pass out medals at the finish line.

Gauntlet Party

There is nothing better than seeing people enjoying this incredible facility!

A Bit of Randomness

corn silk

Early one evening while strolling through a corn field (don’t ask), one of my friends noticed this random braided cornsilk. What the? Who the? How the?

Goodbye Indie and Anna

Indie and Anna

My sweet friend Jody is graciously allowing our rescue kittens, “Indie” and “Anna”, to stay at their place while we are away. My kids were pretty heartbroken that I didn’t let them hitch a ride back to Mass, but the Harter girls and their three barn cats were pumped! Thanks Jodes!

That There’s an RV Clark


Sometimes I’m not sure how we ever managed to move our family back and forth between Massachusetts and Ohio without this rig. The transition from one place to another is quite a production, and this ol’ girl helps us along. RVing is an art and we are still learning, but we’re getting there.

I was hoping to show how much stuff we have packed in there, but of course it was raining this morning. And, just in time for our early morning departure we lost the taillights on the trailer. It’s Murphy’s Law people!!

But alas, with the help of every mechanic on the farm, we were finally on our way. New England, here we come!


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  • Mimi

    August 16, 2016

    Another awesomesauce summer in the books. Oh and thank you Jody, from the bottom of my kitten loving heart.

    The Meems

    • slight72

      August 16, 2016

      Thank you!! And Jody!!


  • Russ Mezikofsky

    August 18, 2016

    What an amazing experience Susie. I love reading your blogs. This one was really amazing with just how active and busy your Summer is doing things your children, and of course You and Matt, will cherish now and in the future when you look back at all the incredible things you did in this journey of life. Great Post!!

    • slight72

      August 18, 2016

      Thanks Russ! Active indeed!! Thanks for reading!!


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