Summer Beauty Rehab

I summer hard.

That’s right; I spend too much time in the sun, walk outside in my bare feet, four wheel on dusty trails, and let myself get so dehydrated my eyeballs feel parched. So about this time every August, I come to the realization that I definitely summer hard, and it might be in need of a little summer beauty rehab! 

One of the best ways to reverse the damage of the summer elements is by using nourishing skin and hair masks. I’ve listed the ones I’m currently using, along with a few of my other favorite summery-friendly beauty picks.

Enjoy, and summer on!

  1. Herbivore Blue Clay Mud Mask

    My daughter, Grace, and I stumbled across this incredible detoxifying face mask while browsing through Avenue Twenty-One, in Troy, OH.

    You simply mix a tiny scoop of this powder with water, smooth over your face, allow to dry, then rinse. Herbivore uses natural plant-based products for healthy powerful pampering!

  2.  Amika Nourishing Hair Mask

    My beauty-pro niece Haley turned me on to this dry hair thirst quencher. Not only has the sun taken a toll on my locks, the water on the farm has added another layer of abuse to these tresses. When I asked sweet Haley to recommend a nourishing mask, she said without hesitation, Amika! You may only need to use this deep conditioning dream once or twice a week, but since I ‘summer hard’, I’ve been adding a dab to my ends every time I wash.

  3. First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Priming Moisturizer

    I’m a huge fan of all First Aid Beauty products, but they have really hit it out of the park with this one! It soothes, primes, and moisturizes all at the same time. It’s great alone or under your foundation for a natural summery look.

  4.  Benefit Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer

    I’m always looking for hydrating beauty products, so this one was an easy sell for me. Sometimes my skin is so dry I have to mix my under eye concealer with moisturizer, but this is a 2-in-1! It glides on easy and blends flawlessly… LOVE, LOVE!

  5. Dip Powder Manicures

    Back in New England I’m a gel girl. Here on the farm I’m all powder! First of all my nail salon is an hour and a half away. Just let that sink in. Second, while I’m not exactly driving a tractor out here, my hands endure the kind of abuse that only powder dipped nails can hold up to… haven’t chipped a nail all summer! Since I’m a “natural look” type of girl I just tell the tech I like “Bubble Bath” from O.P.I. and they use the closest powder they have. Not only do I love the color, it grows out nicely; extending my manicure even longer.

  6. Ulta Beauty Lip Treatment Kit

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t buy this product because I needed enough points to score the free Ulta Beauty promo gift. I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t really just want those adorable pink lips! Whatever the reason, I actually loved this little lip-loving kit, and had a blast trying it out with my daughter Grace. The vitamin E enriched mask reminds me of those holiday decorations that cling to your windows, and felt super cooling while on. I loved the sugar scrub stick, but have to admit I will probably never use the tinted flower balm… only because I never like the way those “color adjusting” balms look on me. Overall, the kit was a hit, and I’ll surely be buying it again.

  7. Lip Per-fekt in Melrose

    Once you have those lips scrubbed and nourished, it’s time for some hydrating color. These silky smooth balms really are per-fekt for that natural summer look.

  8.  Unbelievable Skincare Body Polish

    I have a few favorite body polish picks, but when I’m back in the Midwest, I have to stock up on this locally made treat! Unbelievable Skincare is a hand crafted, all-natural skincare line created and produced right here in Greenville, OH. Their “original” body polish is pure luxury and smells like earthy lavender. Another must have from the line is their facial scrub 😉

    Cheers to all those who also love to summer hard!



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